Download Simple Backup Software Solution Freeware

FileFort File Backup Software  v.1.00

FileFort is free, easy to use file backup software that will automatically backup your critical data to virtually any type of storage media including CD, DVD, Blu-ray and remote FTP servers.

Vembu StoreGrid Backup Software-Free Edn  v.2.3

Vembu StoreGrid is a flexible feature packed data backup software that works with your existing hardware!StoreGrid can facilitate intranet, client-server & remote backups(supported in StoreGrid's Professional and Service Provider Editions).

Backup Software  v.3.01

Backup Software based on the XCOPY command of Windows command prompt; software, source code, PDF, text tutorials included. I created a special program to back up everything on a power-user's PC. I created also a batch file to do the same: XCOPY.

Simple Backup  v.0.11.4

The Simple Backup suite, short just SBackup, is a simple backup solution for Gnome desktop. All configuration is accessable via Gnome interface. File and paths can be included and excluded directly or by regex, local and remote backups

Simple Backup Tool  v.

Simple Backup Tool is a very simple application to automatically backup the content of one or more folders. You can specify the input folder and the backup location, and set the program to perform a backup every X minutes. It also offers the option

WatchMe! is a software solution designed for multimedia asynchronous streaming on low bandwidth netw  v.753

WatchMe! project is a software solution designed for multimedia asynchronous streaming on low bandwidth networks. Solution includes two core applications: WatchMe! Server and WatchMe! Client. In contrast to other similar software solutions WatchMe!

KDE / Gnome Backup Software  v.1.0

Easy to use Gui Backup Software for KDE / Gnome desktop Systems using the reoback 1.0 skript by Randy Oyarzabal, Richard Griswold & Nate Steffenhagen.

Not So Simple Backup suite  v.1.0

NSsbackup (Not So Simple Backup suite ) is a fork of sbackup (Simple Backup suite ) .

FBackup free backup software  v.4.0

Configurable backup program with an easy to use interface. Performs mirror backups (exact copies of your data), has file filters, internal scheduler, password protects your files, backs up open files and much more. Even better, FBackup is free.

Anti-Spam Software software solution  v.2.0

This is anti-spam software that is a great anti spam solution. Get back at spammers who spam in your inbox whether be it microsoft outlook, eudora, or any other kind of e-mail application. Check out this software now! A great type of anti-spam filter

LaCie Backup Software  v.1.7.2893

With this software working for you, there is no longer any need to configure complicated and confusing incremental

Simple backup cronjob  v.0.4

bkupcj is a software for automatically backup your files to usb disk, samba partition or local directory. bkupcj creates mirrors of original directories, isn't incremental in order to optimize disk space. bkupcj can also be used like a

Simple Backup Utility  v.1.0

A simple frontend utility to common backup tools found on UNIX and Linux systems. Developed in Java this provides an easy to use interface to the tools tar and p7zip-full. These two tools must be installed on the system first.

Selling Made Simple E-commerce Solution  v.alpha012

Selling Made Simple (SMS) is an open source e-commerce shopping cart. SMS provides a basic, yet highly extensible framework for creating your own e-commerce store. Our website can be found at:

Server Failover Backup Software  v.1.0.0

Fail-Over Server Backup for Windows. Very customizable. Perfect for laptops that travel from several business locations and needs to backup

Simple backup scripts  v.1.3

A configurable shell script to backup a single system to an archive file, tape, or other

Simple-backup-scripts  v.0.3.7

A set of backup scripts for backing up folders, logical volumes, mysql and postgres databases to remote hosts over

Emarpi - a simple MRP software  v.1.0

Simple implementation of MRP algorithm with Flash GUI for University purposes. Reads data from XML and shows the results in text. Whole project written in ActionScript 3.0

Resguardos simple backup system  v.1.0

Resguardos is a simple, extensible, quite reliable system for centralized backups over many protocols (direct file system, rsync, rsync+ssh, samba, etc) It's configuration is quite simple. It's very portable because it's bash based script.

Unknown Backup Software  v.1.0

A client/server backup system written predominantly in C++, PHP, and SQL and supporting common desktop and SQL-enabled environments. Includes both client and server components and uses TCP port 3638.

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