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1Selling Made Simple E-commerce Solution  v.alpha012Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware1.55 Mb
2P3S - PHP Simple Sql Solution  v.1.0Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware0 Kb
3REOBack Backup Solution  v.3Utilities / BackupFreeFreeware27 Kb
4GPB Backup Solution  v.b.0.03Utilities / BackupFreeFreeware45 Kb
5Rabak, a backup solution using rsync  v.0.6rc3Utilities / BackupFreeFreeware53 Kb
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1ABMD  v.1.2Utilities / Backup$24.95SharewareDetail

Automatically Backup My Documents (ABMD) is a unique backup solution that can help you with your data archiving needs.

510 Kb
2EzySoft Instant Backup Software  v.2.0.0Utilities / Backup$25.00SharewareDetail

Instant Backup Software is a simple backup software solution to help you backup your important document, work, music, video or other files. Back up to an external hard drive, a USB thumb or flash drive or to a network shared folder.

1.6 Mb
3PC Backup  v. / Backup$59.99DemoDetail

Feature rich, PC Backup provides a powerful backup solution at a competitive price. Support for hundreds of the most popular storage devices and a step-by-step Backup and Restore Wizard makes PC Backup easy to use.

19.36 Mb
4B-Cup XP  v.1.3Utilities / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

B-Cup XP is simple, fast and compact automated backup solution. Once set up, it will sit quietly in the background and backup your data on certain events or in specified time intervals. The B-Cup XP offers fully automated backup service able to

692 Kb
5SuperEasy 1-Click Backup  v.1.15.0Utilities / Backup$19.95SharewareDetail

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup is your simple and convenient solution to backup files incrementally or by version. The program automatically recognizes your system configuration and connected devices.

26.4 Mb
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1Novosoft Office Backup Home  v.3.3.7Utilities / Backup$39.00Shareware10.21 Mb

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2Font Xplorer  v.1.2.2Desktop / Font ToolsFreeFreeware850 Kb

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3COMODO Registry Cleaner  v.1.0Utilities / System ToolsFreeFreeware3.3 Mb

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4USB Flash Backup 2008  v. / Backup$19.95Shareware3.74 Mb

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5SOS Online Backup  v. / Backup$19.95Trial16.8 Mb

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